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StandUp Solutions

With a growing shortage of qualified personnel and an even faster rising demand for care, healthcare organizations face a major challenge. Assistive devices, which support the caregiver’s work and improve the quality of care, can provide relief. For that reason, Syb Leijenaar and Trea van der Wijk joined forces. Both have passion for tools. As a product developer, Syb spearheaded the creation of the natural stand-up motion in the James stable elevator. Trea started at Arjo Hunthleigh at age 25 as a researcher, consultant and trainer in the field of lifting. There she developed her passion for lifting. For more information about our work experience, see “About Us.

From the market there were noises that the first “ceiling-stalift” was no longer available, and that made us decide to come up with a new improved model of a ceiling-stalift, the StandUp.

This product aligns with our vision of improving productivity and quality of care. Imagine a device with a more “natural stand-up motion” for comfort for the caregiver and so easy and light to operate for the caregiver that it hardly needs explanation. A tool that helps healthcare providers spend more time on actual patient care rather than logistical operations. At the Care & Facility Exhibition in April 2024, the StandUp was presented for the first time. The solution was positively received by healthcare professionals.

LS Products BV is the manufacturer of the StandUp. This ceiling-mounted stable elevator supports the mobility of the caregiver and eases the work of the caregiver.

The StandUp can be used for clients with mobility classes C. The user must have sufficient standing/support function on at least one leg, torso balance and understanding and, if possible, be able to move forward a little with the torso.

This tool not only supports the caregiver’s standing, but also eases moving from A to B by the caregiver. Never again physically overload when driving and maneuvering in (small) spaces. It’s possible with the StandUp when you have a ceiling elevator with a two-point yoke.

The Team


Syb Leijenaar

The challenges in healthcare demand productivity improvements. Only this will make it feasible to provide the necessary quality with fewer people, now and in the future. With my background as an engineer in product development, I want to contribute in future-proofing healthcare by developing the right products that and improve quality and productivity in healthcare.



Trea van der Wijk

From my experience with devices and with care logistics of getting the right care in the right place at the right time, I know the challenges of achieving this. Staffing is often the obstacle in this, partly because of the heaviness of care involving two people at the bedside. With the use of the right combination of assistive devices in and around bed, working alone at bedside can be achieved. This increases staff productivity and provides more personal attention to the person seeking help. I would like to use my expertise to support healthcare organizations in this regard.